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Tangible User Interfaces

Instructor : Hiroshi Ishii
Light Sharing

Team : Saurabh Mhatre | Malika Singh | Clark Della Silva | Yi Tong | Juli Edtya Sikorska


The concept of Light Sharing is very simple: share your light with a friend. You and your friend share the same amount of energy: if your friend uses it, your level of available energy is limited. If you want to turn the light on, the amount of energy used by your friend will be split among both of you. Whenever your light switch goes up, the one of your friend goes down and vice versa. It’s a tangible form of a smart energy grid: even though you don’t see your friend’s activity, you can feel if they are using energy by the resistance of your own light switch: it goes up easier if no energy is used, but there is more resistance if your friend is using the energy as well. Via remote communication, you can try to convince your friend that you need the energy more than him, or let him use a brighter light, unless you both want to share it evenly. This tangible form of interaction teaches you to share your light and use energy more responsibly.


This project was presented as a poster at the British Human Computer Interaction (HCI) conference at Lincoln,UK and the paper is currently part of the ACM Digital Library 

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