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Smarter Cities_Bergamo

Instructor : Nashid Nabian   TF : Stefano Andreani
[Hi]Story Telling

Team : Saurabh Mhatre (GSD) | Milva Sadek ( UniBG) |Matteo Zanini (UniBG)

What is a Museum?

A place where objects of historical, scientic, artistic and cultural intrests arestored and exhibited. Spaces which enable people to explore collections for inspiration , learning and engagement. But, why do we need to be in a closed box to have that experience ? Why cant the museum reach beyond the walls of its building and into the larger setting around it ? Why cant the ‘City’ be the ‘Museum’ .

The walls and spaces within which we collect,curate and educate can be opened, redened to form an ‘Edgeless Museum’. Perhaps the city itself - its streetscapes, its parks , its plazas , its neighbourhoods etc can become the actual museum.One can experience the historical,architectural, cultural and phenomenological aspects of the city where the architecture is the artifact, the experience is the installation, frames and moments are paintings and the culture is the performance through interaction and technology.


The Problem

The City of Bergamo comprises of two towns that are essentially dierent but linked, not only by history , but also by a dense web of streets,alleys and cobbled stairways.The city even though, after having such a rich and varied cultural heriitage has a decrease in the number of people both local/ tourists visiting the cultural sites of the city, The cultural heritage of the city has a lot of untapped

potential. The museums in the city still havent adapted to the new technologies and trends .


The Objectives

-Portray the City As the Museum .

-Regenerate/Reactivate the current experience of the people of the Museums.

-Create a Community associated with a network of all Museums.

-Increase the social activities and interactions in the Museums.

-Make the Museums accessible to the people of all age groups (local/foreign).

-Educate the people through exploration/discovery of the City.

-Use Technology and Gamication to increase interaction and curiousity

-Create awareness through Curated Information.

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